DVD – Clothing Care:The Clothing Doctor’s Secrets to Taking Control!


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This is the Clothing Doctor’s first DVD for consumers. He shares hundreds of clothing care tips that until now had only been available on his DVD’s for drycleaners and clothing retailers. It provides simple answers to nagging questions and uses TOP 5 Lists to make it easy to understand and fun to watch. The DVD is set up just like a movie DVD with push button menus and Bonus Tracks.
With 24 Chapters, at the touch of a button, you get vital answers when YOU need them:

  • Got a stain, press the button for “Stain School 101.”
  • Having problems with starch and holes on your dress shirts, press the button for “Care for Men’s Dress Shirts.”
  • Wondering which clothing can be washed and which really needs drycleaning, press the button for “Intro to Washing and Drycleaning.”
  • Want to manage clothes in your closets and drawers and get rid of deadbeats that you don’t wear, press the button for “Editing Your Closets.”

This DVD addresses virtually every clothing-care dilemma, from shopping -– and understanding care labels-– to washing & bleaching, to finding the right drycleaner, to closet care and, finally, storing clothing at the end of the season. It empowers you and puts you in firm control of your wardrobe investment. And for every tip on what to do, it also gives you tips for what to avoid and how NOT to mess up clothing!

“I’ve received thousands of emails from men and women –- with genuine concerns about the care of their clothing -– and virtually every question is answered in this DVD.”

Questions such as:

  • How do I use bleach properly to avoid holes and weak areas
  • What are the dark blotchy stains on my cotton T-shirts
  • Why do moths attack some of my clothes and not others
  • And how do I avoid invisible stains, bleeding dyes and fading colors

Steve is joined on this DVD by stylist Beverly Green –  a clothing lover and a true professional.

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