The Clothing Doctor’s 99 Secrets to Drapery & Upholstery Care


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This is the only Drapery & Upholstery guide book of it’s kind — and second in the series of the “99 Secrets” collection. Stop mistakes in their tracks, before they become BIG problems! This 28 page guide provides incredible insights into designing, buying, caring and cleaning of your drapery and upholstery. Learn what to do when your kids or guests spill something on your sofa, how to care for drapes, when to clean them and what to do if your pet has an accident … Along with our first “99 Secrets” for clothing, this guide book is concise and easy to read. Buy this book along with Breathable Bags or DVD and save on shipping!
Some of what you’ll learn:

  • Value of Textures & Colors
  • Taking Down Drapes
  • Coping with Stain Emergencies
  • Spot-Removal Choices
  • Care at Home
  • Small & Large Stains
  • Cleaning for Sheers
  • Upholstery: Sewn & Zippered
  • Drycleaning versus Washing
  • Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

β€œIt takes smart choices and preventive care to keep drapes and furniture covers healthy. If you want them to last for years, without stains, fading, and shrinkage β€” in the face of leaks and damage from kids and animals β€” then try and do it right the first time. This book gives you the tools to do it right, from the moment you select fabrics to the time they need cleaning.”

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