Pink Breathable Evening Gown Bag


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Packed: 1
Size: 24 x 4 x 72″

This is a pink gown bag with 4” gussets on the sides to accommodate a thicker garment. It has a breathable shell all around and in the front it has a pink zipper and the Clothing Doctor logo.

This breathable garment bag is mostly suited for ball gowns, cocktail dresses, overcoats and any other thick garment that might not fit into a regular garment bag. We recommend using it both for travel and for storing evening gowns in your closet.

All our breathable bags are made from polypropylene fabric that protects against insect damage. Moths, crickets and carpet beetles are attracted to wool and silk and, under some conditions, can do irreparable harm to these fabrics. Silver fish and crickets are attracted to cotton and rayon. Help protect your garments by using breathable bags.

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Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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