Mesh Wash Nets – Mixed (2 Sizes)


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Packed: 2

Size: Contains 2 Sizes of Mesh Bags: One 11×15 and One 18.5 x 21.5″



These are the same mesh bags as the ones that are sold in singles, but the “mixed” order contains one bag in each size.

What Can Mesh Bags Do For You? First of all, mesh laundry wash bags can protect your clothing. We offer different size nets so you can pick the right size for every garment. Consider buying a few different-sized nets to fit each job.

Use mesh nets for all delicate clothing to reduce pilling of sweaters and for fabrics that can stretch out of shape during washing. However, you can also use nets:

  • To protect hooks, clasps, buttons, zippers and hardware. Especially for fragile buttons made of shell, brass & glass.
  • To reduce abrasion and fading that occurs from too much agitation and rubbing against other garments.
  • To identify clothing that you want to AIR DRY. For instance, you can put stained and delicate items into a mesh net to MAKE SURE that the garment does NOT find it’s way in to the dryer at the end of the wash cycle.



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