Magica Rust Remover – Gel Bottle


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Rust Remover: 8oz Gel Bottle (like spray bottle , but with Gel flip-top)

Magica Rust Remover – Gel Pour Bottle: 8.0 oz.

I tested MAGICA and it works fast and easily. Coming from a drycleaning background, it’s great to find a consumer product that works like professional versions.
When you have a small rust spot, the size of a dime or smaller, this gel bottle provides plenty of answers. A drop or two will dissolve the rust stain in minutes. Once the stain has been removed, rinse well with water or rewash the garment, before wearing. Buy Breathable Bags or a book to save on shipping!
How can you tell if the stain is really rust?

  • First of all, rust doesn’t usually come out with detergent during washing, or with bleach.
  • Rust stains look like rust … like a light brownish stain.
  • If the stain appears after washing, then you may have rust coming into your washer from your water lines (if this is the case, look at the information under the 128 oz container).

Rust is a common stain that people see at home; from old machinery, rusted nails and tools, from old water heaters and from the city water lines. When the Water Company FLUSHES water lines in your area it can send RUST through pipes and into your washer. This can cause COMPLETE loads of wash to be tainted by rust.

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