Lint Roller: Environmental (2 pc)


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Packed: 2 pc

Size: Home & Travel Roller
No more peeling off used sheets of sticky tape, struggling to separate one layer from the other and storing a sticky roller till the next time you use it. These many used sheets contribute to our nation’s already too big land fills.

These environmental lint rollers are the solution. Each kit contains two lint rollers, one for home and one for travel.

  • These “New Age” lint rollers are good for 1000 applications
  • The home-size and briefcase/purse-size rollers have covers to keep the roller from sticking to everything when not in use!
  • The rollers are easily cleaned in minutes with plain tap water

At the supermarket, a “sticky roller” with only 36 sheets is $4.00. With dog or cat hair, or bad lint problems, you could use up all the sheets in a few weeks! So, think about our new smooth and re-usable lint roller. Good for you and our planet!

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