Breathable UGG/Shoe/Purse Bags – Large (6 pack)


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Packed: 6
Size: Large 18” x 20″

These are excellent storage bags for shoes, UGG boots and also purses.

Before you store your purses or handbags for the season, inspect them thoroughly, inside and out, under bright light. Turn them upside down to get rid of small dirt that might have accumulated in your bags.  If there are stains and scuffs, have them cleaned before storing for the season!

Stuff your bags with tissue before storing. In some cases, newspaper can work, but watch out for the newsprint! Stuffing helps keep bags in shape. Do not put your bags under heavy items.

All our breathable bags are made from polypropylene fabric that protects against insect damage. Moths, crickets and carpet beetles are attracted to wool and silk and, under some conditions, can do irreparable harm to these fabrics. Silver fish and crickets are attracted to cotton and rayon. Help protect your garments by using breathable bags.

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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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