Breathable Sweater Bags – Small (6-pack)


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Product Description

Packed: 6
Size: 11” x 14″

At the end of the cold season most of us have quite a few sweaters that need storing. These breathable sweater storage bags made from polypropylene fabric do just the trick. It has a transparent shell all around, it eliminates dust, reduces fading and extends the life of your sweaters. A “snap-flap” on the back of the cover closes the package.¬†¬†Like all our breathable bags, they also help protect against insect damage.

Moths and other insects are attracted to fabric and, under some conditions, can do irreparable harm to sweaters. Moths, crickets and carpet beetles are attracted to wool and silk. Silver fish and crickets are attracted to cotton and rayon. Help protect your sweaters by using breathable bags.

* Small size bags are good for thin sweaters, silk & rayon knits, light weight sweaters and small men’s sizes. You can measure a folded sweater to get a more exact fit.

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