Breathable Shoulder Covers – Small (12 Pak)


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Packed: 12
Size: Small 17″ – For “Petite” suits, blouses and slacks.


Our garment shoulder covers have a breathable back and are clear form the front.

Every garment should have shoulder covers to keep them in good shape for longer. The shoulders are the first place to start fading on clothes. Blouses, jackets, dresses, suit, slacks etc start fading very easily when exposed to different sources of light, for example incandescent, fluorescent and most of all – natural sunlight. Shoulder covers for clothes also keep them dust free. Contrary to popular belief closets do not protect garments from dust.

We recommend covering more valuable clothing with shoulder protectors to help combat these issues. Other option would be to use our full-size breathable bags to keep your garments in perfect shape for longer.

Clothing Doctor Note: The dust that settles on the end tables in your living room each week is the same dust and debris that settles on the clothing in your closet. Think about that!

Additional information

Weight .43 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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