Purse Cleaning

Expert Purse-Cleaning Services
Don’t discard or retire expensive handbags and purses when they become soiled! Cloth and leather handbags and purses – new and heirloom – can be professionally cleaned and restored by our Certified Couture Cleaners. Simply send the bag(s) to our experts in New York or San Diego and you’ll be wearing them with pride in 2 weeks!

You Can Assess it First

Before you try to remove stains from your hand bags and purses, consider the following details and always ask yourself a few questions first:

  • When removing stains from leather, suede, and fabrics with texture, your biggest problem will be rinsing out the stain and stain remover, without causing rings. Take this seriously.
  • Rings caused by water and stain material are extremely hard to flush out at home and may result in limited removal by professional technicians.
  • Stains that are simply “Swipes” are usually easier to remove than absorbed stains. Swipes can often be removed by you, without problems, depending on the material. (All products must first be tested in a hidden area.)
  • Ask yourself if the stain is oily or water based
  • Size of stain: If it’s larger than a dime and looks concentrated, the stain will probably bleed or run before it will come out.
  • If the stain has color , such as chocolate, wine, lipstick or color from ink, then removal will be tricky. The more color, the more likely it will spread.

Ask the Professionals
It’s very easy and cost effective. Visit these links: Hallak Cleaners of New York and Margarets Cleaners of La Jolla. You will get a phone call or email as soon as your bag arrives.