Men’s Health Style Guide

The Style Guide section of Men’s Health offered these tips from The Clothing Doctor.
Dry-clean your suit within 48 hours of the big spill.
“That’s true of any garment,” says Steve Boorstein, author of The Ultimate Guide to Shopping and Caring for Clothing. “Otherwise, stains can set.” You ned to dry-clean your suit only two or three times a year, which also means it will last longer. “Inspect it for stains,” says Boorstein. “If you’ve got a stain on your lap or wrinkles in the crotch, have your pants cleaned. The jacket can wait.”
Dry-clean a dress coat before you store it for the season.
“When you wear a garment for even 5 minutes, it becomes moth bait because insects love perspiration, body oil, fragrance, and food, says author Steve Boorstein. When you pull a clean coat out 9 months later, it’s like you just brought it home from the store, with no credit-card bill attached.
Know the right moment to switch from your business suit to your birthday suit.
“When you get home from work, immediately hang your suit in an open area and let it air out for a couple of hours,” says Boorstein. “If you haven’t gotten any stains on it, you can then move it to your closet.” Use a wooden or plastic hanger with wide ends to preserve the broad shape of the shoulders.