Understanding the Challenges

Fine fabrics present the greatest challenge. Each stain needs to be treated and removed from the cuffs, linings, and outer shells of our clothing, one spot at a time. Large splashes can be difficult, but splatters require even more skill and attention.

Preventive Care

Try to inspect all clothing under bright light after wearing and, if stained, have it cleaned within 48 hours, max. Be very careful about applying water or club soda to stains because these fluids usually dilute the stain, cause it to spread, and then make a ring. The rings that form around the stain are even more difficult to remove then the stain itself!

Getting your stained clothing to the drycleaner on time and pointing out the problems can make the difference between ruined and restorable clothing.

Just the Facts  . . .
Immediate gratification is what most people seem to want. I want people to stop messing with their better clothing because they have neither the training nor the proper equipment.

To me, the message is clear, “Dryclean your expensive and most valuable clothing, leave the stain removal to skilled technicians, and stop looking for quick-fixes and miracle cures. Wash the rest of your clothing, and try to learn the best and safest way to do it.”

“Fine, but at least give me a crash course in Stains 101 and teach me some basic first aid for when I have a stain emergency in a potentially embarrassing situation.” Fine!