My Stain Philosophy

If you get a stain on your clothing, you can apply a myriad of “miracle” removers that are available on late-night TV, in grocery stores, and hawked in magazines. Everyone has their own special remedy, some of which have been handed down from generation to generation. And I’m ok with many of these, but with some I am not.

My concern about many of these products and remedies stems from their lack of information and the proliferation of misinformation. Everyone wants a quick fix, but for many fragile and delicate garments there are no quick fixes. If you spend a lot of money on a favorite piece of clothing, then you want it to last. Even if the blouse was a steal at $25 from H&M, you’d still want it to last 6 weeks – am I right?

“A stain is like an insect, and people won’t rest until they get it off – even if it means ruining the garment.”

“A little knowledge can take you a long way.” When it comes to food, drink, lipstick and ink stains, a truer line has never been spoken. I spend a few minutes during every episode of The Clothing Doctor radio show to promote preventive care and preach the value of patience — counting to ten before doing something you’ll regret — to give your clothing a fighting chance against deadly stains and deadly stain removers!