NEW DVD FOR MEN & WOMEN (As seen in “Quick & Simple”)

The Clothing Doctor ~ Clothing Care DVDClothing Care: The Clothing Doctor’s Secrets to Taking Control!
This is the Clothing Doctor’s first DVD for consumers. He shares hundreds of clothing care tips that until now had only been available on his DVD’s for drycleaners and clothing retailers. It provides simple answers to nagging questions and uses TOP 5 Lists to make it easy to understand and fun to watch. The DVD is set up just like a movie DVD with  push button menus, chapters, and Bonus Tracks.

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Watch this DVD and Say Goodbye to:


  •  Nasty Stains
  • Bleach Spots
  • Scary Closets
  • Ruined Neckties
  • Mysterious Stains
  • Laundry Disasters
  • Shopping Nightmares
  • Moth & Insect Damage 
  • Shrinking Dress Shirt Collars
  • Bad Drycleaning Experiences