Steve’s Blog May 25th

It’s Spring in most parts of the country, which means that Spring cleaning and getting organized is something you may want to do!

The way I read this is, “It’s time to edit the closets, discard or donate what you haven’t worn for a year and inspect and clean what you have worn during the year, even if you wore it for only 5 minutes.” You can also move clothing to a spare closet or into storage at your trusted drycleaners, where they should inventory, clean, repair, and move into temperature-controlled vaults.

Whether you store clothing at home or at the cleaners, be sure to empty the pockets of gum, coins, credit cards, garage passes and other personal belongings, such as jewelry stick pins … And, make sure you store clothing in a dry area, staying away from basements and attics, if at all possible.

Look over your clothing, under bright light, and pay special attention to underarms, collars and cuffs. Any garments that are stored with ring-around-the-collar, underarm- or food stains will most likely be permanently discolored – and unwearable come Fall or Winter.

By the way, Zout, Spray and Wash and OxiClean make some great cleaning products for clothing and things around the home.

Have a great Spring and enjoy the weather!


The Clothing Doctor