Steve’s Blog: Jan. 20th

I have some cool articles coming up in the National Enquirer and People magazine in February, a few in the works for Real Simple and various other publications. Fortunately, all of these mags consider fabric care an important subject.

I am philosophical about fabric care, specifically clothing care — sure I can say that now — but that was NOT always the case. I've always been rather intense about it because I've had a front row seat for over 20 years and the stuff I've seen has rocked my world.

I've seen people do some crazy stuff in the name of fabric care, believing that what they've done has been right. In most cases, they end up regretting their hasty decisions — and ruined garments. Then they write me and that's where I step in. While I shake my head in wonder and feel for mankind, I feel a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment when I help save their cherished clothing.

When someone spends 2 months on a needlepoint to find that one or more of the yarns bleeds when it's washed, I feel for this person.

When a woman takes a wet napkin and rubs her $3000 fuchsia Chanel dress and then realizes that she rubbed the color out of it, I feel for this person.

When a guy leaves a pen or Sharpie in the pocket of his suit or custom-made shirt and it leaks, I feel for this person.

And when a sweet Grandma washes clothing for her daughter after a house fire and finds that the white insert in the black sweater turns pink after mistakenly washing the sweater with a red robe, I feel for this person. However, after Grandma wrote me in a panic and I gave her the step-by-step answers to restore the insert — hence stripping out the pink dye — and her daughter calls her and says, "Mom, could you bring me my black sweater with the PINK insert," I feel for myself!!

So, I am philosophical about fabric care and I am proud and satisfied to be teaching care to the world. Clothing is an investment just like a lawn mower, bicycle, car and a home. It is my duty, my fate, and my passion to spread the word. I wholeheartedly thank the many magazines, radio stations and TV shows that allow me to share my passion and compassion.

P.S. Emails, emails, emails … I get them everyday at from people with stain emergencies, storage issues, and such. Feel free to write me and I will help you out!