Steve’s Blog Feb 4th

I interviewed for a story in Real Simple magazine about drycleaning. It was supposed to be about Drycleaning 101 – the simple version – along with anecdotes. It just came out in the March issue and it is wonderful, really!

If you want to know some of the ins and outs of the clothing-care business, this is a great article to read. It’s very in-depth and an easy read.

I’m interviewed and appear in magazines almost every month. Men’s Health, Real Simple, National Enquirer and others depend on me to demystify clothing care and I love doing it. They have an agenda and they also let me suggest topics. Check out this Blog for announcements.

By the way, I have a company called WebDesign600 that creates cutting-edge websites for all industries; musicians, image consultants and stylists, realtors, and of course drycleaners! We design and create brand identification and logos from scratch. We also re-design sites that are out-of-date or don’t “perform.” Check us out at

I don’t mean to toot my own horn here (of course I do), but the stuff we’re doing is very different and powerful. Gotta run …  

P.S. Emails, emails, emails … I get them everyday at from people with stain emergencies, storage issues, and such. Feel free to write me and I will help you out!