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It’s been a brutally hot summer throughout most of the country, and very humid. This means, among other things, that people are dealing with all kinds of stains; body oil, tanning creams and bronzers -– for the truly self afflicted – grass, dirt, and bike grease for the active kid and young at heart … and, most certainly, perspiration!

I’ve been told by some people -– mostly women -– that they don’t sweat! I used to be perplexed and turned off by this admission because I considered it a fabrication stemming from some sort of superiority complex (or maybe I was just jealous …) I’ve come to learn that this is actually possible, but not necessarily admirable or healthy. However, for the rest of us that do perspire, this is for you!

Stains shorten the life of clothing, including swimsuits, beach bags, and even our pricey flip-flops and sandals. It’s always been my goal to empower people by presenting the facts and providing answers. You can make a huge difference, right away, by inspecting your clothing closely under bright light, within hours after wearing it. This means hanging it up, spinning it around, looking at the collar and cuffs –- which are the hardest hit areas –- the seat of slacks and skirts, and around pockets. At the first sight of soil or stains, make every effort to wash or dryclean the item within a day or two.

I’m referring mostly to your cottons, linens, and silks because they’re the priciest. However, I am also referring to your athletic gear. Did you know that a sweaty tennis shirt, if left unwashed for a few days, can develop bacteria and permanently discolor at the collar and underarms? The bacteria can also cause a very disgusting odor that re-appears every time you sweat!

So, what am I trying to say? Don’t leave wet or sweaty clothing in your athletic bag –- especially if wrapped in plastic –- and don’t leave wet or sweaty towels or clothing in a heap on the floor: You or your kids! If you aren’t going to throw this stuff directly into the washer when you get back from playing or working, then spread it out and allow it to air dry until wash day. If you take something to the cleaners, show them the stains. Some drycleaners are great and gifted, but they are not mind readers, so always point out soil and stains.

Till next time …

My Best,
Steve, The Clothing Doctor