And Baby Makes More Laundry

The arrival of a baby creates a sense of wonder in the form of tiny miracle. The
wonder continues as you contemplate the question of “How can such a small creature
cause so many stains and create so much laundry”?

I get a lot of mail about removing stains from baby clothing and from Mom and
Dad’s clothing as well. Most baby clothes and linens are made from washable fabrics
for easier cleaning. However, the stains can play havoc with rayon, silk, acetate and
other dry clean only fabrics. The first line of defense for new parents may be to always
wear machine washable clothing around babies and toddlers!

Most of the stains – formula or breast milk and diaper mishaps – are water-based
protein stains. Clearly, responding quickly to stains always helps. For washable
clothing, flush the stained area with cool water to remove any solid matter. Never rub
at the stain to avoid driving the stain maker deeper into the fabric. Pretreat the stained
area with Zout, Spray ‘n Wash or Oxi Clean Spray or Gel Stick. If you can’t do laundry
right away, allow the garment to soak in cold water. Wash as soon as possible in the
hottest water recommended on the care label. Recheck the garment for stains before
tossing it into the dryer because the heat from the dryer will make the stain much
harder to remove later. If stains remain after washing or make it through the dryer,
then consider soaking in an all-fabric bleach and cool water solution. Follow the label
directions and allow the stained clothes to soak for at least two hours for best results.

For Mom and Dad’s dry clean only clothing, never put water and stain removers on
the fabric. Blot the stained area with a dry, white cloth; take the garment to the cleaners
in a day or two; point out the stain and let them do their work.

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