CEO Oxxford Clothiers

Mike Cohen — Since 1916, Oxxford Clothes has been crafting the world’s finest tailored clothing. Completely made in America , our garments have been a world standard for quality for more than three-quarters of a century. To maintain this standard, we have dedicated ourselves to the excellence of hand-craftsmanship.

At our Oxxford workrooms in Chicago, 500 Master Tailors and Master Seamstresses expertly sew each Oxxford garment one at a time. Today, more than 1000 hands work together to cut, sew, press and finish each garment, a result that surpasses the level of quality achieved by other manufacturers or custom tailors.
Every garment that earns the Oxxford label is certain to represent our commitment to quality, a quality level untouched by compromise.

Through the doors of our Workrooms in Chicago, pass the most gifted hands of our industry. “Always Faithful to Quality” has become not only the motto for our craftsmen, but a statement of our commitment to excellence. Today, an aspiring craftsman eager to contribute to the time-honored tradition of quality at Oxxford Clothes, spends three years as an apprentice-in-training with one of our experienced MasterTailors.

Each of our MasterTailors concentrates on a certain stage of our process: either cutting, sewing, finishing or pressing. The superior talents of each of the MasterTailors and MasterSeamstresses at Oxxford are fundamental to the difference between garments crafted at Oxxford, and those manufactured otherwise.

Every suit cut and sewn at Oxxford is made to an order specified by an Oxxford Dealer. each individual cutting reflects the needs of a specific Oxxford Customer and, as a result, it could be said that Oxxford is the largest “custom tailor” in the world.