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 Allison Dickson designed and manufactured accessories for years. She can tell you not only what’s cool, but why, why not and why it’s a investment piece vs. a one-hit-wonder. She reports for The, and regularly contributes to style, lifestyle and trend stories. Allison has an online column on fashion and style for a major catalog company, and have written for ‘The Woman’s Newspapers Group’.

Lifestyle Expert/ Stylist, Allison Dickson has over 12 years of experience and expertise in the compatible fields of fashion, accessories, style, design, still and television production. Her experience as a fashion stylist as well as in art direction, business, brand marketing, modeling, writing and editing also serve to enhance her knowledge and proficiency.

An insatiable appetite for fashion began after college at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas where Allison and her twin sister both attended on full athletic scholarships.
She then moved to Los Angeles and enjoyed (along with her sister) a very successful career in modeling. Her experience ranged from the runway, to print, to television appearances and commercials as well as featured profiles on ‘Extra’ and ‘American Journal’. The twins also had a very successful line of posters.

After leaving the modeling world, Allison worked in fashion and still-photo production, art and creative direction. Allison continues to work behind the camera and has a vast portfolio of her wide range of work. She strongly feels that the diversity she has fostered in her career brings a unique, fresh and distinctive level of expertise to her work as a STYLE EXPERT.

During her time behind the camera, she and her sister also worked on their burgeoning line of accessories. They are widely credited as the original creators/designers of ‘THE ROSE BOUQUET HANDBAG’. They enjoyed great success with a strong A-List celebrity following and showrooms on both coasts featuring their original designs.

Allison’s designs have been featured on NBC’s ‘Will and Grace’ and ‘In-Style Magazine’s Weddings Special’ and in numerous publications such as Brides, Victoria, US, Weddingbells and InStyle. Her creations have been carried at ‘The Emmy’s’ and ‘The Academy Awards’ where her company is credited as a contributing designer. It was also a real honor to outfit the entire ‘Millennium Rose Bowl’ Rose Queen and Royal Court with ‘Bouquet Bags’.

The success of the ‘Rose Bouquet Handbag’ inspired Allison to create a catalog featuring their designs as well as others. Allison served as buyer, creative/art director and publisher of the retail division of their company. The girls were able to access their knowledge of business and marketing to create the catalog, ‘ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES’.

This all lead to ‘Designer Profiles’ on both ‘Videofashion” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show” which remains one of their proudest moments.

All of this background, history and experience serve to enhance Allison’s ability to speak not only on style, trend and craftsmanship, but with her vast design experience, Allison can explain what makes and item more valuable, or desirable, what trends are worth paying for and what trends are worth having – but at the right price – what makes a fabric or skin more appealing or durable and what companies need and look for in marketing their product to consumers and how to get the point across.

She is the perfect mix of industry professional and enthusiastic consumer…

Allison has appeared as a STYLE EXPERT/LIFESTYLE CORRESPONDENT for several networks such as NBC, CBS, FOX, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, ABC Family and the WB and on shows such as ‘FOX AND FRIENDS’, ‘GOOD DAY LA’, ‘LIVING THE LIFE’ and (Daytime Emmy Nominated) ‘SOAP TALK’ as well as a reoccurring trend segment on Daytime Emmy Nominated NBC’s ‘THE OTHER HALF’.

Allison is also a trained writer. She regularly contributes to style, lifestyle and trend stories, has an online column on fashion and style for a major catalog company, is a contributing writer to ‘The Woman’s Newspapers Group’ – and is in the process of writing a book while daily editing yet another online column
Constant research is the key to her extensive knowledge. Allison reads an array of consumer and trade publications daily, covering a wide range of industries from fashion, design, business, lifestyle, current events, culture and entertainment.

Her experience in television production – from audience coordinator to executive producing a mini-pilot for a new talk show – is also an asset. Allison not only knows what a producer is looking for but can produce her own spots when necessary.

Allison’s hobbies and interests include travel (several countries) and sports. She is an animal fanatic (!) with her family including 3 dogs and 1 cat (and working with the ‘Golden Retriever Rescue Society’). (Her sister Diane’s family consists of 3 rabbits (!) and she serves as a member of the House Rabbit Society).

Allison works on both coasts and hails from the third coast….of Texas!